Vydac TP was the first range of wide pore media phases developed in the Vydac range and became the industry standard for peptide and protein separations. The large pores of the 300A TP silica give polypeptide molecules complete access to the interior of the silica pores.

Vydac 218TP and 238TP are used for small polypeptides of 4-5kDa, enzymatic digest fragments, natural and synthetic peptides and multi-ring compounds.
Vydac 208TP is recommended for polypeptides of molecular weight 10-20kDa.
Vydac 214TP is recommended for the analysis of glycoproteins, haemoglobin variants, histones, insulin variants and membrane proteins.
Vydac 219TP is suitable for polypeptides with aromatic side chains, large hydrophobic proteins, membrane-spanning peptides, lipid peptides and fusion proteins from inclusion bodies.

Vydac MS columns are a later development from Grace for the reversed-phase HPLC separation of biomolecules. A proprietary surface treatment and bonding process give Vydac MS columns unique selectivity. A variety of reversed-phases makes this product line suitable for the analysis of small peptides to large intact, undenatured proteins.

Vydac 218MS and 238MS are used for simple enzymatic digests (< 12 proteins) or biomolecules (0-5kDa).
Vydac 208MS is ideal for biomolecules of molecular weight 5-10kDa.
Vydac 214MS has lower capacity than C18 or C8 and is suitable for hydrophobic proteins or when minimal organic solvent is required. It is recommended for biomolecules of > 10kDa molecular weight, undenatured intact proteins, antibodies, oligonucleotides, human growth hormone.

Vydac Everest columns have unique selectivity and sensitivity, which are the result of bonding technology that improves C18 surface coverage and deactivates residual silanols. Previously, the best 300A C18 chemistries have had carbon coverage in the 2.8 to 3.6umol/m2 range. Everest C18 coverage is in excess of 4umol/m2 and approximates the theoretical limit based on surface area. The increased shielding of the base silica increases column lifetime and reduces the amount of TFA required to shield the silica.

Vydac Denali (238DE) is a 120A C18 bonded phase with high carbon coverage, suitable for the analysis of both acidic and basic analytes. It has applications for small molecule analyses of interest to pharmaceutical and environmental laboratories.

Vydac 302IC is a low capacity anion-exchange (quaternary amine) material based on a high purity 10um large pore size silica.



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