SAFE® 2D Scanners

LVL Tube Rack Reader are designed for fast scanning and decoding of 2D Tubes in SBS and Cryo Racks. Depending on the type of use, CCD scanner or camera based reading devices are used. Optional with Cryo-protection available. Besides the easy handling a great advantage of our devices is the compatible interface for an easy data export. This means that the codes can be exported in the common data formats and the reading devices can be integrated in existing Sample Management Solutions

The LVL SAFE® Single Tube Reader reads 2D and 1D codes. They are fast, flexible and also available as a mobile version.


SAFE® READ Multi Express 

Tube Rack Reader for SBS-Single-Racks, Cryo Racks
Available with Cryoprotection 
Available with 1D Rack code reading



SAFE® READ Single Express
Tube Rack Reader for SBS-Single-Racks
Available with Cryoprotection
Available with 1D rack code reading



SAFE® READ Single Tube
The stationary Single Tube Reader scans 2D codes of SAFE® and any additional standard 2D tubes
Easy export in MS Excel, XML or text and scanned images can also be saved
The SAFE® READ Single Tube can also be used with a linear Barcode Reader so the barcode on the side of the rack can be scanned simultaneously
Available with cryoprotection to prevent clouding
The software displays the results of the scan and can identify the difference between a correctly scanned tube (green), a damaged tube (red) and missing tube (grey)


The  SAFE® READ Single Tube Mobile includes software and tablet with docking-station

The  SAFE® READ Single Tube Mobile includes software and tablet with docking-station 
Reads 2D codes of SAFE®, LVL CRYO and any additional standard 2D tubes
Intelligent and fully portable 2D barcode reader for single tubes
Wired or wireless communications
Up- or down-load data from host computer
Operating modes selected from main screen icons
Full day operation without the need to re-charge the battery
Cryoprotection provided as standard
Can be customised for applications in your laboratory
Client software to provide wired interface between computer and instrument
With Battery charger and USB lead to connect instrument to host computer
Dimensions: 155mm x 65mm x 38mm
Battery life: Typically, 8 hours between charges
Data storage on instrument: Typically, up to 60.000 samples
Small 1D linear code scanner linked to the Handheld by Bluetooth Protective Case
Optional for Wireless Applications: Handheld Server, Keyboard Wedge, Link to Excel, Link to Database

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