2D Sample Storage &Biobanking

SAFE® 2DSample Storage and Biobanking

Biobanking, compound management, cryopreservation, population studies, transfusion medicine – the possible applications for high-quality long-term storage of biomaterials in the microlitre scale are growing continually. But if you store large quantities of small samples in the medium to long term for purposes of research and diagnosis, you generally have to deal with various requirements regarding the sample container to be used – from handling to storage through to the follow-up of the respective sample. The overriding priority is the best possible conservation of sample quality and quantity. This means that three things need to be guaranteed for the samples to be stored: Security, identifiability and space-saving storage. In addition, if automated processability is used in the laboratory, there is no better alternative for modern sample storage. SAFE® offers a large range of 2D coded tubes preferably arrayed in space-saving and automated SBS racks that are suitable for storage down to -196°C (LN2). This product range also includes the required technical infrastructure such as scanners and cappers/decappers.

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