Flash Chromatography

Flash Chromatography

InnoFlash, SEPAFLASH, iLOK® series

Product Highlights:

Low fines; neutral pH Clean, pre-packed, pharmaceutical-grade polypropylene cartridges, leak-free innovative and semi-automated packing technology tight particle-size distribution.
This is to avoid leaching and/or channelling, remove tailing water activity and controlled water content for silica pre-packed with option of Ultra-Pure silica irregular 40-63 µm, 20-45 µm or 25 µm spherical). Many bonded phases are available (C18, C18-AQ, C8, HILIC (ARG), NH2, Diol, etc.) 3 Cartridge series available (Standard Series, HP Series and iLOK® Series)

InnoFlash cartridges are packed with irregular silica and bonded phases, SEPAFLASH cartridges are packed with spherical silica and bonded phases and iLOK, iLOK SL series are available with irregular, spherical silica and bonded phases.

Purification of Diastereomers by SepaFlash C18 Reversed Phase Cartridge


All cartridge series are compatible with the following Flash instruments:

Teledyne Isco (CombiFlash®: Rf, Companion®, RETRIEVE®, OptiX®)
Biotage (Isolera™, SP, Flash, FlashMaster II)
Analogix (Varian) (IntelliFlash 310 and 280, SimpliFlash, F12/40)
Armen (Spot Flash System); Moritex (Purif-α2, Purif-compact)
Yamazen (Smart Flash EPCLC W-Prep 2XY) 
BUCHI (Sepacore®)