ZetaSep FPLC Desalting Columns

ZetaSep FPLC Desalting Columns are designed for the separation of large biomolecules (i.e. proteins such as antibodies, enzymes or larger nucleic acids) from unwanted smaller molecules, buffer exchange, desalting, removal of low molecular weight contaminants, and reaction terminations. 

ZetaSep Desalting FPLC Columns contain Zetadex-25 (Z-25SF) Superfine, a size-exclusion beaded composite matrix. It exhibits high flow rates, excellent resolution and chemical stability. Buffer and pH effects on resolution are minimal. The fractionation range for globular proteins is between 1 and 5 kD. The size exclusion cut-off is approximately 5 kD, which ensures efficient separation of proteins/peptides/biomolecules larger than 5 kD from lower molecular weight molecules of less than 1 kD. 

1mL and 5mL columns available.

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