CIM® Monolithic Columns

CIM® monolithic columns stand for elaborate design providing high efficiency, high speed, and high yield in downstream processing of viruses, VLP, phages, pDNA and large proteins. Large flow-through channels and high surface accessibility of binding sites entail binding capacities exceeding those of resin-based columns and rapid mass transfer based on convection. CIM® monolithic columns are distinguished for their flow independent performance, resulting in fast separation, concentration, purification, removal, and analytics of your biopharmaceuticals. CIM® monolithic columns are available in different product lines to suit your different needs.

CIMmultus™ is the new and improved line of pre-packed chromatographic monolithic columns distinguished by large flow-through channels, designed for working with large proteins (IgG, IgM, PEGylated proteins), viruses (AAV, adenovirus, lentivirus, influenza, bacteriophages), VLPs and pDNA. Due to their performance properties, CIMmultus™ columns can be used as single-use disposable or multi-use columns. An important feature of CIMmultus™ is its housing; made of epoxy thermoset materials and reinforced with carbon fibers, it gives the column the same structural strength as stainless steel. CIMmultus™ columns are cGMP compliant. 

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CIMac™ Analytical Columns combine all elaborate characteristics of CIM monoliths at analytical scale and are your perfect tool for analysis and control of manufacturing processes, ideal for process analytical technology (PAT). Designed for fast and reproducible HPLC monitoring and quantitation of proteins, viruses, pDNA, and other large biomolecules, they allow you to achieve rapid, high-resolution separations in a matter of minutes. 

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*** PLEASE NOTE: As for Jan 1 2020, CIMmic Discs will be availiabe as a custom order only. Please contact your CLS sales representative for custom order reqirements.

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