Zetadex Gel Filtration Resins

Zetadex is beaded composite material comprised of ultrapure cross-linked dextran. It exhibits high selectivity, high resolution and low non-specific adsorption and robust chemical stability.

Molecules purified with Zetadex are separated according to size. Smaller molecules pass significantly slower through the column than larger molecules.

Zetadex-25 (Z-25) molecular weight cut-off is 5kD for proteins and 10 bases for nucleic acids.

Zetadex-50 (Z-50) molecular weight cut-off is 25kD for proteins and 20 bases for nucleic acids.

Zetadex Media are available in Super Fine Grade, (20-50µm), Fine Grade (20-80µm), Medium (50-150µm), Coarse (100-300µm), Agglutination Grade and Pre-hydrated Ready-to-use.

Zetadex LH-20 is used for the purification of natural products such as steroids, terpenoids, lipids, and low molecular weight peptides.

This can be conveniently packed in iLOK® empty cartridges. Sold in 25g, 100g, 500g, 1kg, 5kg and 10kg format

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