Residual endotoxin contamination in advanced biotherapy products is an expensive and often difficult contaminant to control. Many commercially available protocols are unable to remove endotoxins effectively and are based on non-affinity chromatography methods e.g. Ion exchange chromatography, phase separation using Triton X-114 or require time consuming and expensive affinity steps. These costly resins are often supplied as loose resin or packed in slow gravity columns.

Next generation Proteus kits combine the quality separation you expect from gravity flow columns with the speed and ease-of-use of spin columns to give you 4-log reductions of endotoxin without compromising protein or antibody yields. The proprietary FlowGo technology regulates sample movement through the high-quality affinity resin matrix, increasing both endotoxin removal and protein recovery. Uniquely, we offer flow rate control for endotoxin removal in a centrifuge.

The NoEndo (Micro) and NoEndo M (Mini) spin columns incorporate a SelfSeal membrane technology which retains the NoEndo resin and sample in the batch incubation chamber. The NoEndo µ are suitable for microfuges and can accommodate sample volumes up to 0.6 ml and the NoEndo M spin columns can accomodate sample volumes up to 20 ml. The membrane is specially formulated to prevent any sample from leaking into the collection tube on an orbital mixer. In a centrifuge, the membrane pores dilate and the eluate, free of endotoxin, passes into the collection tube. The contact time is maximized to ensure maximum endotoxin depletion without losses of the target protein, antibody or domain antibody.

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