CentriPure Gel Filtration plates


CentriPure Filtration plates with Zetadex Size Exclusion Resin for desalting, buffer exchange and removal of free labels. Zetadex exhibits high selectivity, high resolution and chemical stability. The molecular weight cut-off (MWCO) for Zetadex-25 (Z-25) is 5kD for proteins and 10 bases for nucleic acids. For Zetadex-50 (Z-50), the MWCO is 25kD for proteins and 20 bases for nucleic acids. 

CentriPure Gel Filtration Plates are precision filled with Zetadex, a beaded composite material comprised of ultrapure cross-linked dextran. They are specifically designed for desalting, buffer exchange and rapid removal of compounds such as dye terminators, dNTPs, salts, nucleic acid fragments, biotin and other low molecular weight haptens using centrifugation protocols using a swinging bucket rotor.

CentriPure Gel Filtration plate brochure


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