AAVX Purification

AAVX Purification Columns

With a strong safety profile and high transduction efficacy, the nonpathogenic Adeno-associated virus (AAV) is uncontended in gene therapy. It can be utilised as a vector for various cargo to be delivered to the nucleus and cytoplasm of a target cell. Recombinant AAV vectors have shown great potential in the study of numerous fields including neurology, haematology and muscular atrophy. It has been applied in over 244 clinical trials ranging from phase 1 to phase 3.

Our pre-packed lab scale and GMP Bioprocessing AAVX columns are packed with Super AAV resin with a standard column hardware operating pressure of 3-5 bar. They ensure more efficient production of pure recombinant AAV vectors in contrast to standard methods and are ideal for the purification of all AAV serotypes (AAV1-AAV9).


We also offer AAVX GMP Bioprocessing Columns. Please enquire for more information!

AAVX Lab Scale Purification Columns

Key Features:

  • High specificity and capacity
  • Maximize yield by reducing process steps
  • Resin stable at high flow rates
  • Packed with the Super AAV resin
  • Excellent scalability and easier handling and packing due to rigid polymeric bead
  • Each column is tested for HETP, peak asymmetry (and flow properties on request)
  • Short lead-times
  • Available in a large range of column sizes – same column dimensions are available in GMP columns
  • Compatible with AKTA, Bio-Rad NGC and other FPLC system


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