NSI Solutions

NSI Solutions was founded in 1982 to operate reference materials program for the USEPA, and today, they continue to manufacture and certify reference materials, reagents and proficiency testing samples for applications ranging from classical water chemistry and microbiology to solid and hazardous waste analysis.


  • - Custom Solutions (Organic and Inorganic)
  • - Extraction Spiking Solutions for Environmental Analyses (Snip™)*
  • - Spiking Solutions for Environmental Analyses
  • - 8000 Series Method Standards
  • - 500 Series Method Standards
  • - 600 Series Method Standards
  • - Underground Storage Tank Monitoring Standards
  • - Inorganic and Microbiological Standards for Environmental Testing


Custom Solutions are available in standard amber ampoules and can be purchased individually or in batches. Minimum order for custom mixes is 5 x 1mL. For custom solutions, please contact your local sales representative.

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