LGC (Dr Ehrenstorfer)

Analytical standards, reference materials, environmental standards for residue analysis and environmental analysis. 
Pesticides and pesticide metabolites,PAH, PBB, PCB, Phenol, Volatiles, Semi-Volatiles and other potential pollutants like azodyes, toxaphen single congeners, optical active enantiomers, explosives, polycyclic musk compounds, epa method mixes, stable isotope labelled chemicals like deuterated compounds, 13C labelled compounds 
In neat form, as individual solutions (10 and 100 mg/L) and in mixes. Produced strictly under ISO 9001 quality standards.

Accreditations: LGC Standards is committed to providing high quality certified reference materials, produced in accordance with the requirements of ISO Guide 34. In addition to this accreditation, LGC Standards has attained ISO 17025 certification for testing and calibration laboratories.

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