Quick Coomassie Stain


Developed and manufactured in the UK by Protein Ark, the Quick Coomassie protein stain offers unrivalled performance up to 50 times more sensitivity than other rapid stains. 

Simply immerse the gel in stain (25 ml for standard mini gels) and protein bands appear after minutes. Most staining is complete within 15 minutes and fully stained after 1 hour. Store in DI water after the completion of staining. No destaining step needed, no organic solvents, no phosphoric acid, and no cloudy precipitates. 




• Rapid staining - Protein bands appear after minutes - Fully stained after 1 hour.

• Highly sensitive - 5 - 25 ng bands resolved.

• Accurate protein quantification - Low background - Linear staining range.

• Reusable - Stain up to 3 gels without reduction in contrast

• Storage - Shelf Life 18 mths at 2-25°C



Single 1-Step Protocol

  • Remove the gel from the cassette and place gel into container.
  • Cover gel with 25 ml QC stain and leave for minimum 15 minutes or until all weak protein bands are fully developed.
  • Store the gel in the QC stain overnight.
  • Then, either leave in QC stain or transfer to DI water for gel storage.


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“It was hard to believe the gel could be stained in 15 minutes but it really is! Although we did try also staining overnight, I am surprised at how good the resolution is after 15 minutes” (Brock University, 2021).


“We have tried out the new stain and are happy with the outcome. Here is some feedback/observation I'd like to share:

  • This Quick Coomassie Stain showed a slightly higher band intensity compared to our regular Coomassie blue stain.
  • With the minimum staining time of 15 min required on the protocol, all bands from our tested samples (juice, wine, and BSA standards) were visible. We did not see any more bands showing up from an overnight incubation. This could reduce our staining time from overnight to 15-60 min.
  • The gel did not develop much background color during staining. Even weak bands could be clearly seen visually without a destaining step.
  • After destaining, the gel treated with the quick stain did not have any background color. As a comparison,  the gel treated with our regular stain still had a faint purple color in the background.” (Brock University, 2021)

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