SIELC Obelisc™

Obelisc™ HPLC columns are the latest, innovative columns from SIELC Technologies, the inventors of Primesep. With multiple patents pending, Obelisc columns are the first commercially available columns with Liquid Separation Cell technology ( LiSC ™). Obelisc R, with reversed-phase characteristics, and Obelisc N, with normal-phase characteristics, separate polar and non-polar compounds using multiple separation mechanisms.

Two complimentary columns, Obelisc R and Obelisc N, based on Liquid Separation Cell ( LiSC ™) technology, offer a new approach to separate a variety of small molecules. Buffer concentration, buffer pH, and organic modifier concentration are three orthogonal parameters of the mobile phase that allow adjustment of column properties to separate complex mixtures.

  • Two columns able to retain and separate all types of small molecules and their mixtures
  • Fast method development with only two columns
  • Simple mobile phase selection
  • Multiple separation modes (RP, NP, HILIC, IE) 
  • Mass spec, ELSD, preparative and low UV
  • Adjustable selectivity in all modes based on organic content, pH, and buffer strength




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