Water content can affect product quality, texture, shelf life, chemical stability and reactivity. Karl Fischer titration is a universally accepted method for measuring water content in all types of substances, including chemicals, oils, pharmaceuticals and food. In 1979, researcher Dr. Eugen Scholz improved Karl Fischer titration by replacing noxious pyridine with imidazole. This innovation became the foundation of Hydranal™, the world’s leading pyridine-free reagents for Karl Fischer titration.

From Dr. E. Scholz’s pioneering research to the ongoing product improvements of today, Honeywell offers a wide range of Karl Fischer reagents for both volumetric and coulometric titrations for nearly all types of samples, completed by a broad range of standards. With the inclusion of Fluka™ into Honeywell Research Chemicals, Hydranal became an important part of the overall product portfolio. Hydranal reagents and water standards have always been developed and produced in our plant in Seelze, Germany, meaning you can be sure to enjoy the same composition, quality, service and technical support you always have.

Advantages of HYDRANAL Reagents:
High titration speed
Stable end points
Accurate results
Long shelf life
Wide applicability
World leading technical support

Product Line Product Description
HYDRANAL-Composite The most flexible and commonly used reagents for one-component volumetric titration
HYDRANAL Special Media Special reagents like Methanol Rapid, E-Types and K-Types
HYDRANAL-Titrant/Solvent Reagents for two-component volumetric titration
HYDRANAL-Coulomat Reagents for coulometric titration for samples with low water content
HYDRANAL-Water Standards Standards with verified water content for titer determination, monitoring precision, accuracy,validation and inspection of Karl Fischer titrators
HYDRANAL-CRM Water Standards Certified Reference Materials for titer determination, monitoring precision, accuracy, validation and inspection of Karl Fischer titrator

Hydranal Crude Oil Lab report
Hydranal Nitrogen Bases Lab Report
Hydranal Aldehydes and Ketones Lab Report
Hydranal Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) Lab Report
Hydranal Insulating Oil Lab Report


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