ChromGC™ Columns

ChromGC™ Columns

ChromGC™ Columns fused silica columns are capable of performing a wide variety of separations on the most difficult sample. Reproducibility is of course guaranteed. ChromGC™ phases are inert, thermally stable and very efficient.

ChromGC™ phases available:

ChromGC™ CH-1

100% methyl polysiloxane, Equivalent to USP G1, G2, G9, G38

ChromGC™ CH-1MS

100% Dimethylpolisiloxane, Equivalent to USP G2

ChromGC™ CH-1MT

100% methyl polisiloxane for high temperature, Ideal for hydrocarbons analysis

ChromGC™ CH-5

(5%-phenyl) - methylpolysiloxane, Equivalent to USP G27, G36, G41

ChromGC™ CH-5MS

(5%-phenyl) - methylpolysiloxane, Equivalent to USP G27

ChromGC™ CH-5DF

5% silphenyl, Optimized for Dioxins & Furans analysis


8-10% phenyl


Polyethylene Glyol, Equivalent to USP G14, G15, G16


High temperature Polyethylene Glycol phase, Equivalent to USP G14, G15, G16

ChromGC™ CH-BAC2


ChromGC™ CH-17

(50%-phenyl) - methylpolysiloxane, Equivalent to USP G3, G17

ChromGC™ CH-17HT/MS

High Temp and Low Bleed (50%-phenyl) - methylpolysiloxane, Equivalent to USP G43, G17

ChromGC™ CH-35

(35%-phenyl) - methylpolysiloxane, Equivalent to USP G42

ChromGC™ CH-35MS

Low bleed (35%-phenyl) - methylpolysiloxane, Equivalent to USP G42

ChromGC™ CH-624

(6% cyanopropyl-phenyl) -methylpolysiloxane, Equivalent to USP G43

ChromGC™ CH-1701

(14% cyanopropyl-phenyl) -methylpolysiloxane, Equivalent to USP G46

ChromGC™ CH-225

(50% cyanopropyl-phenyl) -methylpolysiloxane, Equivalent to USP G7, G19


Nitroterephthalic acide modified polyethylene glycol, Equivalent to USP G25, G35, G39

ChromGC™ CH-88

Biscyanopropyl polysiloxane, Equivalent to USP G5, G8, G48

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