GC / GC-MS &Chiral GC Columns

GC/GC-MS Columns

What do you need to consider when selecting a GC column:

A: Are you looking for a glass or stainless steel custom packed column? Please refer to the GC packed column category and fill out the quote request form.

B: Are you looking for a capillary column? If so, you have to consider the following:

  • • Column length: the column length has a great effect on both the speed of analysis as well as the resolution. Longer columns show better resolution, however will increase the analysis time.
  • • Speed: In a fast-pace laboratory environment, there is more and more focus on fast analysis, which can be reached by shortening the column length and decreasing the inner diameter to as small as 0.10mm id.
  • • Inner diameter: selection based on sample concentration and instrumentation. For MS applications, narrow bore columns are often used, while wide bore columns are more suitable for on-column applications.
  • • Film thickness: by increasing or decreasing the film thickness you are able to respectively retain a compound for a longer or shorter time.
  • • Stationary phase: The polarity of the compound in combination with the operating temperature of the analysis, available application notes or USP, EPA recommendations will influence the choice of stationary phase.
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