HPLC Columns

At Canadian Life Science we understand that HPLC columns are a critical tool in your analytical work; therefore; we place paramount importance on helping you choose the right HPLC column for your application. We always strive to broaden our expertise and today offer a complete spectrum of solutions for your HPLC column needs. Most chromatographic applications can be solved through the right combination of HPLC column and analytical conditions. At times, one may encounter challenging compounds creating a need for HPLC column chemistry of different selectivity. We provide you with an excellent choice of products ranging from traditional reversed-phase, fluorinated phases, mixed-mode, HILIC and newly developed HPLC columns that can operate at extended pH ranges. More recently, we also offer a complete line of superficially-porous particle (Fused-Core®) or core-shell type columns. Our column selection provides customers with a wide range of reproducible, quality and robust phases. Discover the benefits of dealing with us - contact us today to help solve your difficult separations.